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Regulations governing EU citizens in Cyprus and their family members

This text provides information for the citizens of other Member States of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), and also nationals of Switzerland, and their families.

It contains the basic information on entry, temporary and permanent residency, legal arrangements that apply to all EU citizens and information about employment in Cyprus.

Your Rights
EU Citizens are free to enter, leave, travel and live in Cyprus and may also engage in any economic activity, either as paid employees or self employed persons, service providers or engage in any educational opportunity in Cyprus, under the same conditions as Cypriot citizens.

Do I have to complete any formalities to enter Cyprus for a short stay, as tourist for example?
If you are going to spend less than three months in Cyprus, you only need to have a valid passport or a valid identity card issued by your country and not expiring in less than six months, which shows your nationality. When you enter Cyprus from a formal and recognized airport or port you can go through passport control queues identified for EU Nationals.

Do I have to complete any formalities when I want to live in Cyprus for more than three months?
Within four months of the date you entered Cyprus you have the obligation by law to go personally to the Civil Registry and Migration Department (this service is for the time being, provided at the local Immigration Branch of the Police in all districts except Nicosia where a District Migration Office exists) and apply for the Registration Certificate for EU Nationals (or Yellow Slip).

It should be noted that a fine is imposed in the case of non-compliance (Law N7(I)/2007) and specifically a fine of €2.562,90 to any European national who works in the Republic without being registered.

Note: a residence permit is not required to begin working in Cyprus - an EU national may begin work while the residency paperwork is still in process - however the employer and employee may be fined if application for the Registration Certificate is never made

Rights of Family Members
Family members include a spouse, children aged under 21, other dependents and spouse's dependents, have the same rights as any other EU Citizen.

Can my family live with me in Cyprus?
Yes they can. If they are EU Citizens, same rules apply as above.

Can my non-EU family members live for more than three months in Cyprus?
The Residence Certificate (Pink Slip) is issued to the non-EU family members of EU citizens moving with them to Cyprus. Application must be made within four months of the date of entry, otherwise a fine will be imposed.
Family members of EU citizens who are not EU citizens themselves should provide the following with a competed application form MEU2 (for non-EU family members of EU citizens):
Valid passport with visa if applicable (and copies)
A document stating the family relationship
Proof of family relationship (marriage and children's birth certificates)
Proof of the family member's consistent relationship with the EU citizen
Family members that are not dependants must show proof of a serious medical condition which leaves them completely dependent
Two passport-sized photos

For More Information please visit the Civil Registry and Migration Department


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