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Finding a job in EU

Finding a Job in EU with the Help of the EURES Network.

If you are interested to find what vacancies and opportunities exist in 32 European Countries, EURES is the best place to start your search.

The EURES portal helps jobseekers to find the opportunities available in EUROPE. By selecting "Search for a job" you can access job vacancies in 32 European countries updated in real time. 
By registering for free to "My EURES", jobseekers can create their CV and make it available for thousand of registered employers from all over Europe and for EURES advisers helping employers to find suitable candidates. 

EURES has a human network of more than 1000 EURES advisers who are in daily contact with jobseekers and employers across Europe. The number of these advisers is growing. To contact a EURES adviser, search for EURES Advisers on the EURES portal. The EURES Advisers are trained specialists. As well as offering information and guidance, they provide a job-matching service, bringing together placement and recruitment for jobseekers and employers interested in the European job market. They have developed specialised expertise in the practical, legal and administrative matters relating to mobility at national and cross-border levels. They work within the Public Employment Service of each member country, or within other partner organisations in the EURES network.

If you are looking for a job abroad the EURES Cyprus Network suggest the following steps:

RULE Number 1: "When in doubt Contact us"

  1. Get familiar with the Vacancy Data Base of the EURES Portal. More than 1,000,000 vacancies are available every day all over Europe.
  2. Register as a Jobseeker by creating your "EURES Account".
  3. After your account has been approved by the Portal, then it is very important to create your CV. The CV is based on the EUROPASS Template. Unfortunately you cannot upload an already saved CV but you have to create a new one. Once you create it fill in the choices the portal gives you on your preffered occupations. This way important notifications will be sent to your email account when a job fits your requirements.
  4. Create your EU Skills Passport. A European skills passport allows you to record the skills that you have acquired within a specific sector in a very simple way, making it faster and easier than ever for employers from this sector to find you. At the moment only Tourism and Hospitality Sectors are available but more are coming soon!
  5. When you look into the Vacancy Data Base we URGE you to think critically when you find an opportunitity that interest you. If you are in doubt PLEASE contact us in order to explain to you in more details about the terms and conditions of the vacacny. You need to be aware of the cost of living in the area of the Vacancy, the taxation, health and social security deductions etc.
  6. It is common to assume that the working language needed is the same as the one the Vacancy is written in. Read carefully the description of the Vacancy to see more details about it. When in doubt contact us to find more about the vacancy
  7. We suggest you look for vacancies uploaded on the portal during the last month. Older vacancies may be already gone but not deleted from the Portal.
  8. Vacancies that have given the "EU Flag" by the Portal suggest that they are more suitable for jobseekers from Europe, not only locals. It is a sign to suggest that the Employer is willing to hire a jobseeker from another country as well.
  9. You can contact a EURES Adviser in Cyprus and book an appointment from 12.00 - 15.00 Monday - Friday. Please come prepared and have with you jobs you are interested in.

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