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In Cyprus, EURES is well intergraded into the operations of the Public Employment Services (PES). All EURES Services in Cyprus are offered by the PES through a network of 7 EURES Advisers in all major cities in Cyprus, All EURES Advisers have received the proper training at EU Level.

SEND US AN EMAIL and WE WILL REPLY back to you with all the information you need. Please note that if you apply for a job in Cyprus found on the EURES PORTAL always refer to the Vacancy Number.

Seven EURES Advisers are placed at District and Local Labour Offices, while two EURES Advisers are placed at Central Level. Each EURES Adviser is responsible for all vacancies of his or her area.

In every District and Local PES Office, EURES Services are highly visible. EURES Desks, clearly marked with EURES signs, are situated next to other PES services while job seekers can access the EURES Job Portal from the self-service area available in all offices. EURES Cyprus working Hours if you wish to book an appointment with us are Monday - Friday, from 12:00 to 15:00. Usually all requests/emails/questions are answered within a period fo 10 working days.

Finally, all employers wishing to place a vacancy through the PES Vacancy System are always being informed about EURES and most of them visit the EURES advisers for assistance.

EURES is also an integrated part of the PES policy on issuing work permits to third country nationals. Based on our operational guidelines, all employers should advertise their vacancies in EURES for a period or 21-45 days. Only if there is no interest from European citizens to fulfill these vacancies, their demand for issuing a work permit is being reviewed by the PES.

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