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Republic of Cyprus
Before moving to Cyprus

Before moving to Cyprus to take up employment, ensure that:
    • You have a valid EU passport or Identity Card
    • You fully understand the terms and conditions of employment
    • You translate all your documents/diplomas in Greek or English
    • You have a clear idea of method of payment (including your social security contributions)
    • You are aware of the travel arrangements and whether you or the employer will pay
    • You have accommodation in the area you will be moving to
    • You have appropriate health cover
    • You have sufficient funds to last until you are paid, or return home if necessar

    More inside information about the things you need to know before you move to Cyprus can be found in the attachments below:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Find your Accomodation
  • Finding Schools for children and other dependants
  • Finding Work before you move to Cyprus
  • Know Before You go to Cyprus Initiative: Learn your Rights and Responsibilities
  • Knowing the Local Language
  • Regulations governing EU citizens in Cyprus and their family members
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